About Us

What We Are

We’re simply here to connect people with the things we love: comic books, tabletop games, and related pop culture stuff.

There are a number of businesses we like in the Chippewa Valley. As we discover them here, we’ll add recommendations.

There’s also events we want to sponsor or participate in! We’re hard at work finding events to go to where we can play games, meet other fans, and revel in glorious comic book tropes. If we can’t find an event that makes us happy, we’ll try to organize one!

We’re always open to feedback and suggestions, so get in touch! Social media and contact information coming soon.

Who We Are

Aaron Huggins | Creator and Comic Book Industry Enthusiast

Aaron loves comics books of all type, shapes, and sizes; ever since he was young, he would read and learn all he can about the industry. Now, he thrives on sharing his love with others. Nuclear Family is a passion-project and hobby in his spare time.

You can follow his misadventures at AaronHuggins.com