The Fall 2018 Warmachine and Hordes Journeyman League

Interested in tabletop miniature strategy games? 

Come and learn Warmachine & Hordes! A 30mm fantasy steampunk war game in the world of Iron Kingdoms. Immense beasts! Towering war machines! Infantry! All led by powerful battle commanders.

A Journeyman League is the perfect opportunity to learn to play and/or get started with Warmachine and Hordes. This multi-week event features a friendly, casual atmosphere and a format geared towards learning the game and slowly building a small army. Prizes are given for painting models, winning games and showing excellent sportsmanship.

The league will start September 10, 2018 and run for 7 weeks. The official kick-off night will be Saturday, September 15 at 6 PM.
Although players most often meet on Saturday evenings at 6 PM, members of the league can schedule games for any time D20 Gaming is open.

D20 Gaming, 2158 Eastridge Center, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Entry Fee:
Registration opens August 27
covers the cost of the event kit and prizes.
$50 includes the base entry fee and gets you a battle box (valued at $40!) of your choice shipped to D20 Gaming for you to pick up.

Andrew: Call/text (480) 282-2634 – email
Aaron: Call (715) 227-2766 – email

Want to try it out before jumping in? Let the community on Facebook or D20 Gaming know and we can set up a demo game!

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